Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I have officially decided to eliminate this post cause noone reads and i dont post so goodbye for now and if you need to reach me for any reason email me at or at my aim. no more ithaca webmail cause i was officially taken out of the archives because i decided to not go back. I will let everyone know about my college plans eventually and hopefully will see you all soon. lets do something!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Well I think Im going out of my head!

OK back to the song titles game i missed it and im starting it again.

At times you have a very unladylike way of running out.

so the title of the post refers to how i feel right now because theres only one week left of classes and i have so many things due soon and then i have to study for finals. Its crazy and i cant take it any more. I have this week left and then one week of finals so i come home on May 5th and im so excited.

Star wars comes out soon so thats one thing im looking forward too. There are many questions that are being asked over on ask madden about star wars so tune in for some interesting conversations once in a while. Nothing new on the albany college search still waiting to hear from them. Maybe adam kev and mark can tell them to hurry up with their decision.
If youve read the whole post then you be rewarded as i wil give a hint to the question. I love gambling!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

GO Team Bangbus!

In an excellent softball game Team Bangbus is the victor for a second straight season. In the championship game of the Ithaca College Semi Pro Intramural league Team Bangbus pulls out a 3-2 victory. They won by timely defense and hitting. The pitcher Nick Culver gave up two runs in 7 innings for the complete game and the win. He also contributed two hits in two at bats and scored 1 run. Ken Wieme also scored on a sac fly by Chuck for the first run of the game. Then After one out in the 3rd Nick got a single through the middle followed by a fly ball out by judge. Then Josh porter walked to put two men on. Then Kenny Hoffmann hit a triple which scored both culver and porter putting Bangbus up by 3-1. The final score was 3-2 as both teams had a well played game. This is bangbus' second straight title in two seasons in Intramural softball. They have outscored their opponnents this season 46-8 completely demolishing each team they faced. This is truly the next dynasty in sports history.

As a side note Culver has pitched every inning of every game in the past two seasons. A truly remarkable performance indeed.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Ok my peeps!

So as many of you know I have no idea what the hell im doing in life or anything in general. SO my blog's name is temporarily changed until i decide to give it a clever name.

I am transfering next year, but i don't know to what school yet. I will let all of you know once i find out if you really care or not. otherwise i wont tell you!
So easter was fun i got to come home for the weekend didnt see anyone though cause i was busy doing things. Then i had to drive all the way back up here for a 10 oclock class. we left at 6 am. It really stunk because i got absolutely no sleep for like two days. saturday i didnt sleep much either therefore being two almost three days.

Nothing has happened much here so my life is basically the same if anyone cares at all. baseball season starts on sunday and the yankees play the hated red sox at 8 pm on ESPN. the first two days of the season we get free baseball which means that mostly all the games will be on tv and im so excited about that. After that starts then so does my softball tournament which means that the defending champs BANGBUS of fall softball will try and defend their title in a tournament and then playoffs. Right now im the goalie for my indoor hockey team and that is really going well accept we only played 1 game and we tied 5-5 which means i did ok. tonight is another game at 8 i feel a shutout coming.

I hope everyone has a good spring because it sure finally feels like it! theres finally no more cold weather at least for a while. And i only have to put up with school for about another month which is really kool. TTYALL Later

Nickky :)

Sunday, March 13, 2005

I Wish...

... I could have stayed home for another week. The play on saturday was awesome even though we had a few minor mishaps. I hope everything went fine again on sunday. I have to say though being there for the past week was really fun and i owe a load of thanks to everyone for letting me come back and help out. I enjoyed it soo much that i miss it alot now and i want to come back and stay there. Everyone was amazing and you all accepted me again like i was actually part of the show even though i was only there for one performance. You guys are all awesome.

Joe you made me cry twice while i watched you and it was so amazing the way you carried yourself on stage. Your a regular at it.
Nicole you were amazing, your voice is still in my head from all those i wishes.
Ruthie you held yourself together and remembered all the words. You were so awesome and the kissing scene was so good, it looked so real and your voice was amazing on saturday.
Mary Liz you were so awesome as little red and you always make the harmony work. Your the glue that helped me last year in the ending and you sounded awesome again this year.
Liz you were absolutely hilarious up in the tower. and you have a beautiful voice that remains in my head everytime i hear that melody.
Johnny Mac even though you were very creepy as the mysterious man the song with you and joe was my favorite part in the whole play.
Ashley you can play the giant anytime.

And too my wonderful crew you all are amazing too. The set looked awesome and im glad i got to help out. Tom your the worst sound guy ever! megan runs the show. She the greatest sound girl in the world. Stop yelling at me.james you missed so many light cues on saturday. and you take forever to write them! And steve I love you!

You guys were all awesome and I WISH you all more success next weekend. I know it will be a success. I couldnt be any more prouder of you guys after what you looked like a week ago. But then again NRHS drama is famous for pulling it together at the last second. it always works out in the end and i must point out someone is on our side! I miss you guys already and too all the seniors i hope things work out in the end and you live happily ever after. And i cant wait till i see you guys again in may. It freakin snowing up here already and it was so beautiful when i arrived up here. and now all of a sudden its crappy again.

So take care and im sure ill talk to you all again eventually before i come home.

P.S- joe i will beat you in mario kart. Steve made me die otherwise i would have beat you.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom!

although you probably won't read it anyway but happy birthday anyway.

Ok so the song quiz for this post is "You can dance you can jive, having the time of you life!"

I cant wait till i come home on friday i really need a break from this damn school. It snows everyday i frankly i need a vacation. So hell week also starts next week for NRHS drama club. Good luck to everyone! cant wait to see it.

Ive been listening to my i tunes all day and my favorite song is definately fugue for tinhorns from guys and dolls. I just cant get over the song i love it. A close second is all my favorite billy joel songs. they remond me of rickky. I 1 test next week so 1 out of 7 aint bad at all. But i have alot of papers due on monday and teusday. so i have to start packing for home by probably wed. and all day thursday. So ill talk to everyone when i get home.


Monday, February 14, 2005

when the odds are sayin you'll never win.

ok its a song from a NRHS drama production.

The song is in honor of my saturday when i went to cooperstown for the day. It was so awesome! there was a festival going on so when we got to the baseball hall of fame we said "cooperstwon winter festival" and we got in for free. Oh man was it great. I got to see a whole bunch of great sports memorabilia that was sooo awesome. GOD i love baseball so much!

So we got back around 7:30 and i found out that i didnt make the cut for A Chorus Line. I was really sad for the rest of the weekend. They said i didnt look like a dancer so they decided that i wouldnt fit the part. I was kinda dissapointed because they said that i sang really well and they really wanted me to be in it. I guess thats what twinkies will do to you! But im ok now. I just regret that i wont be doing anything for the rest of the semester.

I cant wait till i come home in three weeks for spring break and i cant wait for into the woods. Im sure it will be everything i imagined. Good luck to everyone as you come up on the final weeks.

So today was valentines day and i got to talk to my mommy for a while. It was also Mark's birthday (my brother) so i talked to him for a while. Megan Zugibe was my valentine today because we both didnt have one so we decided to be valentines. She is so funny!

Oh well so everyone enjoy the week off that is coming up. for those of you who dont have one keep studying because midterms are coming up. GO DUKE BLUE DEVILS!